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Yes, my friends, I, Emily Joy Sacra, have kept a secret for a few months!! I’ve been obsessively nitpicking over ever little tiny detail about my business, and I’ve come to quite a few conclusions. One of them being that I want to blog more at Emily Sacra Photography. This blog was and forever will be an incredibly huge part of my life! I mean, I’ve been blogging here for close to 6 years, for goodness sakes!! But you know, at some point, it’s time to move on. I knew I had two choices. 1) I could keep blogging my personal life here, and let my business suffer because my clients don’t know me or 2) I could begin anew and combine both business and personal life and basically have a completely new approach to my business. So I picked the latter ;) I am so excited for all that’s in store for Emily Sacra Photography!!

So I’m asking all of my lovely readers to instead follow Emily Sacra Photography! I’ll be posting the same as I do here, but it will be even better!! I’ll have tutorials for photographers, and of course, I’ll include my sessions!! Plus it has an awesome new design that I love ;) I will be double-posting on this blog for a little while, just until I decide for sure what to do here! I certainly would never delete this blog, because there’s too many memories!! It’s hard to leave something like this behind! Six years is a long time ;) So I hope that you all will continue to follow along with me as I continue on this journey!!

And the best part?

You could win a $10 Starbucks gift card!! Who wouldn’t want to win that? ;) Just head on over to the blog to read more about this transition and enter!! I love you all!

Ellie Augustin - I must say I love your blog and although I’m guilty of being one of them readers that don’t leave a comment know that I love your work and all you share. I’m a super busy mama who has fallen in love w/photography & documenting my daily life and am in the transition of trying to do the same for others via photography & you inspire me. Even my Hubby knows about you! (hmm that SO sounded like a stalker status huh ROFL.)
Congrats to you darling! & Off I go follow your photography blog!

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If we had no winter, spring would not be as pleasant

Anne Bradstreet


Part of me feels like I need to take another break after that long post yesterday and just let everything sink in!! But I’ve been gone from this blog for almost two weeks, so life must go on ;)

Spring has finally arrived here in Virginia, although today is quite a bit colder than it has been!! This weekend was downright hot, but today we had to start a fire in the wood stove!! :( At least it looks like spring outside!! The grass is so green, all the trees are blooming, and the beautiful flower petals are opening! The forsythia is our neighbors field has bloomed as well, so Joelle and I took a few pictures!

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Delight East Coast 2014


Wow. Where does one even begin? If I tried to sit here and write about everything that happened at the Delight and Be retreat last week, I would literally be here for hours, and I would absolutely for sure burst into tears numerous times just remembering everything. So I guess I’ll just try to start from the beginning!!

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Davene Grace - I had never heard of Delight retreats until you went on this one, but it’s been fun to hear (and see!) about it since! I’m so glad you got to have this amazing experience. :)

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As crazy as it sounds to write this, yesterday was my 18th birthday! How on earth am I 18?? I have been looking forward to this age for a long time… One of the biggest reasons? Because I can finally get a Target Red Card!! {Haha, not really, but I did go get one of those today ;)} I’m honestly not sure exactly why 18 sounds like a great age, but it does! I don’t have to legally be home by midnight, I can register for any giveaway, and I’m an adult!! :) Ahhhh!! It’s insane!

Yesterday was an amazing day spent with my family! We drove up to Short Pump to do some shopping, and then came back home to eat on the rooftop of Capital Ale House! I’m so thankful for my family who made it an incredibly special day :) Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes!! I loved each and every one of them!

Photo Apr 01, 7 23 39 AM It was literally the most beautiful day for a birthday!!

18th Birthday-2 Oliver was obviously super excited about my birthday ;)

18th Birthday-3 Strawberries and shortcake for breakfast!

Present time! :)

18th Birthday-4

Mom and dad bought me an awesome tank top, but it hasn’t come in the mail yet ;) I’m so excited for it to come in!!

18th Birthday-6 Kate got me a new wireless remote!!

18th Birthday-8 Jenny bought me two 5lb weights! I had 2lb weights, and 10lb weights! I couldn’t do the 10lb weights yet, but I’ve outgrown the 2lb-ers ;) Hahaha!

18th Birthday-10 18th Birthday-21 18th Birthday-20 Photo Mar 31, 3 50 09 PM

My grandparents got me these bangles, some money for my trip to Alaska this summer, and an elephant pin!

Photo Apr 01, 10 37 00 AM

Road tripping to Short Pump!

Photo Apr 01, 10 39 12 AM Photo Apr 01, 10 50 39 AM

Isn’t this elephant pin the cutest??

18th Birthday-11

Chipotle for lunch!!

18th Birthday-13 18th Birthday-14 18th Birthday-15 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

This scarf was perfect! Teal, gold, and elephants!! And my sweet Sarah-Anne wore her elephant shirt on my birthday just for me ;) Isn’t she the sweetest?

Photo Apr 01, 3 13 41 PM

It’s a rule that if you find a colored wall you have to take a picture.

Photo Apr 01, 9 47 45 AM

Got my free birthday Starbucks!

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Photo Apr 01, 5 08 43 PM Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset Photo Apr 01, 5 12 25 PM

How crazy is this dress?? I could hardly move in it! Haha!

Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 6.39.58 PM

I bought a white rhinestone studded shirt from LOFT, teal sneakers from Urban Outfitters, a t-shirt maxi dress from Wet Seal, and a striped rose shirt from American Eagle!

Photo Apr 01, 5 23 35 PM

Me and Adam Levine ;)

Photo Apr 01, 5 26 19 PM Photo Apr 01, 5 53 57 PM Photo Apr 01, 5 55 43 PM

Ahhhh, spring!!

18th Birthday-17 18th Birthday-18 18th Birthday-19

Ale House Cheeseburger! It was absolutely delicious!! And those fries were the best I’ve ever had!!

Thanks again for all the birthday wishes!! You all are wonderful :)

MargaretAnn - These are so great! Happy belated birthday!

Olivia - how fun! what a blessed day. and a gorgeous one at that! ;)

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