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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Curly Girly’s

All of us girls in the family are blonde’s, except for Joelle. She has very dark hair like her grandma. Her hair curls in random places, Humidity??? See for yourself: Isn’t it adorable? I sometimes stick my finger up it and there’s just a little spiral and my finger fits right through. We used to […]

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Somethin’ Fishy

Joelle and I share a bedroom and we recently re-decorated it. We also added a pet to the family. His name is Gilbert Morris. And yes, he is a fish. Joelle is a HUGE goldfish lover, so when we got a goldfish, she thought it proper to name it Gilbert. I suggested Taylor, but no! […]

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The small stuff

Last night at about 9:30 p.m., my little sister, Joelle, announces that her ‘poor tummy’ hurts. So, being the AMAZING sister that I am, went over to rub her back. (She loves for me to rub her arm with a key, but being 9:30, I wasn’t carrying a key at the moment. Isn’t that horrible?) […]

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Mum and I just finished a calm, quiet, serene and expressionless game of ping-pong in a very dignified manner. Not! :) It was actually full of lots of laughter, funny faces, smacking the ball and hitting the ball to hard. (Sorry mum!) Oh well, at least mum and I are dignified persons! Oh, and by […]

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