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Monthly Archives: October 2008

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I’m writing about this even though it’s one of my least favorite holidays. All the ugly people (fake people) and huge hairy spiders. It’s also one of my favorite holidays (How does that work?). Halloween falls around Fall! Fall means leaves to rake up, scarecrows to put up, Joelle’s birthday, but best of all, IT […]

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Happy Birthday Joelle!

Happy Birthday Joelle! Today you are 4! You’ll learn how to tie your shoes, and count by twos. Happy Birthday! Are you ready? Are you seriously ready? ‘Cause today, this post is gonna be FULL of pictures! Se fasten your seatbelt, here we go! This morning started out very pretty, but also very chilly! Here’s […]

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Tour My House Monday: Living Room

Let me explain. You all know, that today is not Tuesday. So, why am I making a ‘Tour My House Tuesday’ on a Monday? Because tomorrow is JOELLE’S BIRTHDAY! I can’t have a tour on something so exciting as that, can I? Of course not! Tomorrow I will blog (Or the next day) about her […]

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First of all, I’m a tad frustrated at this ‘scrapblog‘ thing. I admit, it’s an amazing site, but I’ve been trying to come up with this header for my blog. They have so many options of what you can do! It’s very overwhelming. I can never find just the right one. None of them are […]

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