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Monthly Archives: January 2009

Am I thinking about Summer already???

Hmm, I just might be :) Yesterday, Mom helped (More like, did EVERYTHING! :) me make a flip-flop pillow. Yes, you heard right. A flip-flop pillow. I saw one of these in Ragtime Fabrics and I wanted to get the pattern, but Mom, being the sewing expert she is, told me that she could figure […]

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Sugar ‘n’ Spice…

… And everythin’ nice! I’ve FINALLY made my cooking blog! Can you guess what the title is? Sugar ‘n’ Spice! I’ve been wanting to make a cooking blog for a long time, but I finally got around to doing it today! You can click here to see my blog. And of course, now that I […]

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It’s the Hungry Paterkillar!

I had just come downstairs and Joelle was watching a movie. It was a VERY strange looking commercial (Think HUGE dancing mice!). I asked her what she was watching: Joelle: The Hungry Paterkillar! :) Oh, Joelle. You make me laugh! Beware! The Hungry Paterkillar might be on the loose! :)

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Dare to Compare? – Post #2

Do you remember a post I did a long time ago? Well, a couple months ago. It was called ‘Dare to Compare?’ and in it I posted a whole bunch of pictures (Pictures? Me? No!) of fall things that were changing. I took this picture and said that when it snowed, I would do another […]

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