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Monthly Archives: November 2009

State Championship Game

Number 2 is not bad!!!! There are TONS of volleyball teams who would LOVE to be second :) I will say, yesterday was probably the most stressful game ever for me! We were very evenly matched! (Very blurry pictures coming up… beware. :) For the first couple minutes we were ahead 5-0! LET’S GO SETTER!!! […]

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Prayer Request

Hi everyone! This may seem like a silly prayer request, but I would love some prayer right now for my kitty, Louie. Before we left this morning for the volleyball game, I wanted to find my kittens because we’d be gone all day. So I found Morroco, but Louie was still missing. I called, and […]

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The Game of LIFE

Joelle and I have been having ‘Life’ marathons for the past few days… something to keep us busy on these rainy days :) *sigh* This is where I married the love of my life… Jim Bob :)   We had 9 kids… yeah.I had to get two cars :) My favorite stop! GO NUMBA 9!!!!!!! […]

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I love rain!!! And it hasn’t rained here in a while! Be appreciative. I stood out in the freezing cold rain to bring you this picture. :) Tried something different with the next four pictures: Normal With color insets. Normal. With color insets. WOW!!! That’s a lot of red! And…………….. MY NEW IPOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What do […]

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