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Are these signs of Spring?

Easter Eggs
Joelle had never dyed eggs before {She lives such a sheltered life}, so on Saturday we hard-boiled 3 dozen eggs and dyed THEM ALL.
RainIt has been raining off an on since Sunday. I’ve been having fun getting totally soaked.

Notice her jacket inside-out? :)

You don’t know how many pictures I have trying to get THAT shot!

I see laundry in the near future.

Baby GoatsOur neighbor’s goats’ just had kids! Joelle and I went up this afternoon to see them.

Scaredy-Cats’ kid.


One of Kanga’s 3 kids.

Another one of Kanga’s.
Scaredy-Cat and her kid.
I can’t wait for all this rain to go away and the sun to shine again! Spring is on the way!!!

Bekah - I LOVE THE PICTURES! You are so good at photography–honestly! Wow! I love the ones of the flower and Joelle–and of course the ones of her and her adorable umbrella. :)

Keep taking pictures, and KEEP POSTING THEM! :)


~Quinlyn~ - I love these pictures, Emily! I just love Spring and pictures like these that go along with it-Easter eggs, sweet little girls in the rain, and new life. Those goat kids are too adorable! :D


Kathryn - What wonderful pictures!!! The goats are so cute!!

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