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Almost 2011

I cannot believe that today is News Year Eve! I mean, wasn’t it just yesterday that I posted this??? I’m just kidding, I DO have a better sense of time than that :) But I still can’t believe it… 
Here’s a re-cap of the year 2010:
I wrote about the new year coming up {2010}, and how strange that was! This photo won recognition at iheartfaces, and to say I was ecstatic is a huge understatement!
I shot my second wedding, this time with my ‘amazing camera’, thought the results were definitely less-than-amazing ;) I also hit 400 posts!
It finally felt like Spring, and I was snapping pictures like a mad woman! I loved these pictures, and these, and last but not least… these. This is also when I realized that a Sony Cybershot was NOT going to cut it for what I wanted to do with my life.
I turned 14!!! I also fooled everyone with this awesome April Fools joke ;) I also had a session with a friends son, and I loved it! It was great experience for me, even though I see flaws in them now {MY errors, although, with the cuteness of the kids, it’s easy for me to see past the errors :)} I also got picnik, and LOVED it! It has served me well for what I’m doing now, but I really hope to someday soon get photoshop, and to understand it!
I had my first newborn session, and I LOVED doing it! I hope to do lots more! I also finally captured ‘that lightning shot’ I had been hoping to get!
My beloved kitty, Louie, died. I was super sad! Then, on June 19, my parents surprised me with this! Well, sort of surprised… you’ll just have to read the post ;) I was extremely ecstatic when I received her in the mail {Yes, her. Gidget, to be exact!}! I went out right away to take pictures! This is still my favorite picture of Joelle, despite it’s flaws {taken the day after I got Gidget}! 
I continued to be very excited about my camera! On July 14, I got a new lens, and I use it all the time! I named her Sophia :) We left on July 19 for Tennessee with some friends, and I figured out I have a sheltered life :) I posted all my pictures here, here, and here! By the way, I took over 2,000 picture within that week! I became very frustrated with my computer, and how it wasn’t calibrated.
Apparently, Joelle had decided to take a break from being my model, so I had to settle on flowers, and more flowers. I also became calibrated on August 5, and realized just how awful my pictures looked!!! On August 9, I began high school! Even though it was really weird at first, I’ve totally gotten used to it! I changed my blog name from Emily Joy Photography, to Flip Flops and Polka Dots! This was a huge change for me, and I am still completely happy with it! I know I never would have been happy with my blog if I hadn’t made that change. Dad also took me, Joelle, and my AWESOME friend Kathryn to our county fair! I won first, second, third, and fourth place ribbons for my photography! I was ecstatic!
I babysat for a friends dog while they were on vacation, and my whole family fell in love with him! That led to this, which led to THIS!!! 
I brought my dear, sweet puppy Oliver home on October 1!!! I also wrote about how I’d be driving soon! My baby sister turned 6 on October 28! 
Oliver got a haircut, and looked like such a handsome young man! I was pleasantly surprised with how many views I had gotten! I was so happy people liked my blog :) 
We got our first ‘snow’ {though it barely dusted the ground}! I complained about my lack of sleep. I took pictures of my cousin Lindsay, and was so pleased with how they turned out! We got our Christmas tree! I also watched Tangled and Voyage of the Dawn Treader for the first time… in theaters! I also took some of my favorite pictures of Jenny. Oliver learned some new tricks! We had our second white Christmas in a row!

That was SUPER fun, and I will definitely do this again next year! I wonder if this year will fly by as fast as last year did! Have a wonderful New Year! Happy 2011 {almost!}

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