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First Day Of School

Yours truly is now a Sophomore!
26. Begin my Sophomore year of school
I can’t believe that a whole Summer has gone by! AGAIN!!! And I only have 3 more years of school left! Hehe :) This is my LAST year of math!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes me incredibly happy :)
This afternoon was stormy and rainy, which was fabulous! Storms + school = perfection.
Unlike last year, I am not taking online classes. Just using the books :) Online classes were fun, but they just weren’t for me. Here are all my classes:
Bible Doctrine
World History
Consumer Math
Algebra 2
and that’s it! Oh wait, except for French. I love French, but it’s just one more thing to fit in! As always, I HATE Algebra! But like I said, this is my last year, so I’ll suffer through it this last time :)
Bible Doctrine is OK… I mean, I’ve only done one lesson. I feel like an awful person to say I don’t like my Bible class! Maybe I’ll grow to like it… I just keep thinking about how wonderful of a teacher Mr. Smith was!!! Haha!
World History… basically the exact same thing as last years Geography! Some of the same pictures, map projects, and everything. Although, this is for both semesters, not just one. But I do like it… It will be good to review the maps though…
Biology… pretty much just reading the textbooks {I hope I don’t have to dissect frogs this year! I’ve already dissected a baby pig!!! :P} and writing down the bold-faced terms. I’m pretty good at that! :)
Consumer Math… My lesson today was long the lines of ‘If Bobby is going to buy a car that costs $3,478, and his trade-in is worth $1,234, how much will Bobby end up paying?’ and blah blah blah blah blah :) Consumer Math should be easy :)
Algebra 2… So, we meet again, do we? Thankfully, I haven’t had to repeat Algebra 2, but Algebra 1 and I weren’t friends at ALL last year. Let’s hope this year goes better, shall we? :)
Spelling/Vocab/Lit… I’m an English person, so all those subjects come ‘naturally’ to me :) Haha! I am pretty good at spelling {kudos to Blogging :)}, and know most of the big vocab words {who else knew that apothecary was a pharmacist?}, and Lit is just reading poems, stories, and fun stuff like that :)
Grammar… Oooooh, hate hate hate dislike very much, dislike very much, dislike very much!!! We haven’t even done the first lesson yet! Haha! Mom and I are just thrilled to pieces to start, can’t you tell? :) I’m hoping that we can hold it off as long as possible {read: end of the school year}.
 She’s the cutest little first grader :) See her agonizing over her first grade homework? :) I wish I could go back to that stuff!
 Some animals to keep me company while I work :)
 And it’s impossible to start off the school year without mechanical pencils {fabulous blue ones are optional}.
 The 10th grader!
 Dear Algebra 2, this is how I feel about you. {I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it! Hehe :)}
I looooove checkmarks :) They make me so happy :D
So, to make this post even longer than it already is, here are Joelle’s official first grade pictures! I really wanted a vintage, warm theme, and I don’t think I did too shabbily :)
 She’s such a cutey-patootie :)
I knew this old typewriter would come in handy one day…
And wouldn’t you know it, it starts pouring rain!
 The ever cliche selective coloring :)
When do you start school?

Sarah-Anne - my first day was TODAY, like you! are we twinsies or what?! ;)
also, you said it was your last yr of math…just wondering but how many math units do you have to take to grad. from VA as a homeschooler? NC requires both Algebras & Geometry, plus a unit high than that which could be Trig, Calculus or College Algebra. Boo. Looks like that class is what I have to look forward to senior yr.
so…long comment for a little Q&A, ha!

Becky [This Road Called Vida] - I graduated from college last year with a degree in English Literature, so I can’t really say when exactly I’ll be starting school again. =) Not sure if I’ll continue pursuing any degrees… but anyway, I LOVE that picture of Joelle reading Farmer Boy. I have a collection of Laura Ingalls Wilder’s books. They are the absolute best! I was home schooled, except not at home… I gathered with about 15-25 other kids (depending on how many kids enrolled each year) and we were taught by church members, using a home school curriculum. My favorite classes were history, language, cursive, and anything having to do with literature. My least favorite subject was always math. I disliked math with a passion. Yay for this being your last year of math! I’d be thrilled too if I were you. =)

Erin - I started the semester today, too! May I offer my sympathy and agree with your feelings regarding Algebra? Blech. ;P

Love all the photos! The ones with the typewriter definitely have a vintage feel and are so neat!

Kiley - I’m starting next week i think! ;] wohoo!

Julia - Oh, my, I use the same Algebra 2 book as you do. It’s… delightful. HAHANOT! It also doesn’t help that my mom and sister are like math whizzes (my mom is a chemical engineer and my sister wants to major in guess what? chemical engineering) and I’m over there struggling with the simplest concepts. And they don’t get that it doesn’t come easy to me like it does to them. I would LOVE to be good at math. But… I’m not. *end rant* :)

Tiffany - The pictures all turned out really good.
What are your favorite things about being homeschooled? And what are your least favorite things about it?
I start school August 22nd. Im going to be a Senior :)

~Quinlyn~ - I start Sep. 6th! I hope the year goes really good for you and Joelle! :) I’m starting 8th grade. Only two below you. ;)

Tabitha - I start school August 29th, and I am actually really excited. I’m going to be a Junior. :)

Last year, I did that same math book. Math and I are not friends, and I hated that dumb book.

This year, I was placed in business math which should be really easy, and maybe even fun, I don’t know.

Oh, and I did the same World History as you last year, and I’m thinking that I took the same biology two years ago because we had to write down the bold faced terms.

I am not going to be homeschooled this year, I get to go back to my old school. :)

I hope your school year goes well! Joelle is adorable, and you are an amazing photographer!

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