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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Oh what a beautiful morning…

Oh what a beautiful day! {does anyone else know that song? I can’t find it anywhere!}It looked really stormy this morning, but nothing ever happened! I loved that it was sunny and stormy! It looked so beautiful :) I love sunny mornings! Plus, aren’t these the cutest muffin containers you’ve ever seen? Unfortunately, I think […]

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Recipe: Old Fashioned Soft Pumpkin Cookies

These cookies are so yummy and, well, soft! And I know I’ve posted 3 recipes in a row {and shhhh, I might be posting another one soon}, but these recipes are so fabulous that I just can’t not share them! My recipe page is starting to fill up! :) You know you want to try […]

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Recipe: Red Lobster Biscuits

If you have ever had Red Lobster’s cheesy garlic biscuits, you know they are one of the most fabulous things to ever land in your mouth! I found a recipe {Pinterest is really improving my baking skills! Haha!} for them, and knew they needed to be tried ASAP. They turned out pretty much just like […]

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