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Almost 2012

I honestly look forward to doing this post all year… It’s when I make a recap of the year, and share some favorite pictures! I did something a little different last year, and I loved it so much I wanted to do it again! I remember thinking last year ‘that was so much fun, I’m definitely doing that for 2012!’, and thinking that 2012 would never come :)
Here we go!January

It’s a new year! I reached 600 posts, and was so thankful to see how far I’ve come! About mid-January I was in a real slump. My pictures were awful, it was cold, and I wanted spring. I began my 101 Things To Do In 2011! I couldn’t wait to get started, so I completed my first goal right away!
We went to The Children’s Museum for the first time, and had a grand old time! :) My parents celebrated their 22nd anniversary on the 11th, and we got a day of beautiful sunshine! Huge wildfires spread around the Valley, but thankfully God kept us all safe. Joelle learned how to read, and I made supper for a whole week!
I thought about how in 7 months I’d get my Learner’s Permit, and took Tobin’s 3 year old pictures! Joelle lost a tooth, and SPRING WAS COMING!!! I decided to try a wonderful-looking new recipe for St. Patrick’s Day, and it failed miserably. Kathryn, Elliott and I went to Winter Jam 2010! It was an absolute blast! I made a new blog design, and got my own custom domain name! Hello emilysacra.com!
I turned 15!!! The end of school was nearing, and Kathryn treated me to a birthday tea party! My family and I went bowling for my birthday, and I got a haircut. I decided that I love making things with Polymer clay, and used it to feed my Angry Birds obsession :) Mom, Kate, Jenny, and I went shopping for a whole day, and had the most wonderful time!!! We celebrated Easter, and I got another lightning shot! I celebrated my 700th post. And then SCHOOL WAS OUT!!!
We celebrated Mother’s Day, and Kate’s 21st birthday. I asked for 100 followers, and you lovely people delivered! Then I hosted The Fantastically Fabulous Blog Giveaway! I had 14 amazing prizes, and it was a smashing hit! I gained over 30 followers, and had 175 comments on that post! Jenny and I had a fun photoshoot, and Joelle and I had a duel. We also went swimming for the first time in 2011!
I was almost proud of this lightning shot, and got some fabulous firework pictures! I learned the Greek alphabet in 10 minutes, and had a traumatic experience at the pool. Dad brought home Mr. Hershey, and I finally got my Wednesday night special at Cracker Barrel! Joelle and I had a fabulous Disney Princess Movie Marathon, and had tons of fun! I said HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Oliver, and Kate brought me a camera necklace! I celebrated my 3-year blog anniversary by having another giveaway!
I bought a gorgeous sofa at an auction, and thought about the last days of summer… I revealed my super secret surprise… a beach trip! I posted part 1 here and part 2 here. I began my Sophomore year of school! We went back to the county fair, and I won 5 ribbons! I figured out how to make my 50mm a macro, and I experienced my first earthquake!
I was contacted by Easy Canvas Prints and given a free canvas! I took Kathryn mini-golfing and to Sweet Bee’s for her 14th birthday! I took a month off from Facebook, grew teary eyed at how much Joelle had grown! I also took a week off from the computer. I read 100 books, and took Sarah’s Senior portraits! Joelle lost yet another tooth, and it finally started to look like fall!!! I also made a sinfully delicious dessert :)
I passed my Learner’s Permit test!!!!!! I was way more than ecstatic :) The same day, we celebrated Oliver’s I’ve-Been-With-My-Family-For-One-Whole-Year anniversary! I did some product photography for Amelia Bedelia Designs, and LOVED it! I began Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday, and it has become a weekly thing! I hinted at a secret I had… I used the tripod and got some fabulous family pictures! I got 200 followers!!! I absolutely couldn’t believe it! *kisses to you!* Joelle turned 7! We got our first snow, on Joelle’s birthday nonetheless!
I finished my tree series, and showed how each tree looked each month! I finally revealed my secret, Emily Sacra Photography! I got bangs, and Michael Buble’s Christmas album! On 11.11.11 I made an epic wish, and got a Pumpkin Spice Latte :) I also tried out some twinkle lights, which I loved! Joelle and I made Monstrous #3, and I got a big family picture on Thanksgiving Day! Went crazy on Black Friday, and bought an iPod Touch!!!And Joelle bought a Wii :)December
I went to my first Christmas parade since I was 8, and we got our Christmas tree on the 4th! I started Christmas break, finished memorizing Philippians and reading the whole Bible! I obsessed over colored bokeh, and Joelle lost both of her front teeth :) We celebrated Christmas day by being super busy! Haha! I guess that’s normal when Christmas is on a Sunday :) Jenny and I had a plaid photoshoot, and I got some of my favorite pictures from the whole year! I completed my last goal of the year, with 43 goals left ;)

I was super busy this year! Obviously, my 101 in 2011 didn’t go as I had planned, but that’s just OK. I didn’t stress about it, and I had fun with the goals I did complete! I’m definitely not doing it again though :) 101 things is a lot to do! Especially when some of them are kind of crazy :) Like I said, I had 43 goals left, completing 58! Some of them I will complete later, like I’m going ice skating sometime this coming week! It was a fun year!I put together a couple collages of my favorite photos from 2011! I had to make 5 collages, 12 photos each, 60 photos in all! So here you go!


Happy almost 2012 everyone! I bought this journal, and I can’t wait to start it January 1st! Do you have any big plans for 2012? I’ll share some of mine in the next post!Au revoir 2011! You’ve been a fantabulous year!

Elisha(: - I loooooveee the collages!(: howd you make them??

Abbie - Awesome pictures!! :) One of my biggest, closest plans is getting a Canon DSLR for my birthday in February.

abbie – xoxox

Megan - Loved this post, Emily! I was reading through it and kept thinking, “Oh, I remember reading that post!” and if I didn’t rememeber reading it, I clicked on the link and read it.

One of my goals for 2012 is to start blogging again. I already have a post in the works for tomorrow. Yay!

Wishing you a wonderful 2012, Emily! Can’t wait for the post that you are writing for tomorrow. :-)


Emily Ruth - Those collages are really cool! I enjoyed reviewing your year. :) I am planning on doing a 51 in 2012…I think it will be easier than 101.

Madi - Happy New Years! :)

Anna Gray - It is funny how quickly time passes! I so remember well over half of those posts that you reflected on.

Happy 2012, friend!

p.s. Love the collage! Beautiful photos!

Eve Joelle - LOVE the collage!
How’d you make it??

Laurel - Hi,
Love the pictures. They are all so fun! Love the one of the girls in front of the tree. Looks like something that might happen with some of my friends/siblings.



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