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Eleventh Grade

Yesterday I began 11th grade. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet :) It’s the same as usual… Notebooks, awesome pens, schedules, and nasty math. Yes, I know that last year I said it was my last year of math… But apparently mom had other ideas ;) But that’s OK, because at least I’m done with all Algebras!!!
Here are my classes {in order of when I do them}:
Bible: I’m reading a book called Ministry of Christ, and I believe I’ll be reading a chapter a day. So right now I’m on chapter 2 :) So far it’s a pretty good book! Unfortunately, it’s got a very old cover, and it’s not very interesting ;) I’m a big fan of pretty covers. Haha!
Geometry: Most people take Algebra 1, then Geometry, and then Algebra 2, but I went ahead and did both Algebras, and am now finally working on Geometry. Mom said she basically just wants me to get an overview of it. Which is good, because I have about zero interest in it ;)
Business Math: This will be kind of like my Consumer Math last year {which I liked}, so I’m excited for it, because it will help me with my photography business and filing taxes and fun stuff like that. The first unit is just review {like adding things horizontally or vertically… whoa, this is getting pretty challenging!!! :)}, so I haven’t actually starting learning anything useful ;)
Chemistry: Hasn’t been too bad yet, but then again I’m only on my second day :) I don’t think I have any worksheets or labs to do this year, which is a stupendous thing!!! I honestly hate doing labs. They wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t doing them by myself ;) I do love highlighting things though :) My obsession with highlighting has gone so far that I practically begged mom to buy another U.S. History book, because the one she bought already had highlighting in it. What can I say? I love highlighting bold-faced terms!
U.S. History: My favorite, hands down. Even though I’m really not a history buff at ALL, I have always enjoyed my history classes! And I have really no idea why. We’re using a different history book publisher this year, and so far I really like it! It’s more like a story. However, I don’t like their use of bold-faced terms ;) It’s kind of confusing!
Vocabulary: It’s super different from my previous years, and I’m not too sure if I like it… I’m not learning vocab words, but it’s more of a writing and grammar lesson. I guess we’ll see how I like it later!
Writing: I do so much writing with blogging anyway, so this class won’t be very hard. I’m really good at English classes anyway. Mom said I could do some of my writing assignments through blogging, so I’ll see if I can incorporate them somehow, without turning all my posts into essays ;)
American Literature: So far, I don’t really like it. It’s probably because it’s different though :) Instead of stories to read, it’s about historical people, so it seems kind of redundant to U.S. History. But I’m sure I’ll grow to like it more over the next 8 months :)
French: Pretty much whenever I feel like doing it :) I really do love French, but I just feel like I have so many other things to get done… Blogging, photography, keeping up with my Facebook page, other schoolwork, and of course, WORK!
That’s one thing I’m wondering about… How will school and work go? I’m just hoping I’ll have enough time to get everything done, and not feel like I’m rushing everywhere! Tomorrow begins my first day of having to go to work and do school. Hopefully blogging won’t have to be pushed aside, because I definitely need to do school and go to work, and blogging is just a side thing {but something I absolutely can’t imagine not doing!!!}. If you all could keep me in your prayers, that would be wonderful :)
Joelle on the morning of the first day of second grade!
 Yup, we get to eat cookies while we do school. And you like going to school better why??? ;)
 I know she looks strange, but she’s eating a cookie… I promise :)
 Second grade sure looks difficult for the little booger! Joelle came over while mom was helping me with Geometry {yes, I didn’t understand the first lesson. Most likely a sign of things to come ;)}, and said that she didn’t remember how to write a cursive ‘b’. I wish my classes were that easy ;)
 Yikes! I’m supposed to go through all that?
We took a trip out to town to buy some school supplies that we didn’t realize we needed ;)
 It rained just like last year! Oh, how I love fall weather!!!
 Anyone else think it’s silly that he’s upside down?
Ollie-bear came along, and I bought him a new harness! I bought him this one {that Katelyn James recommended!}, so that he can ride in the car with me and won’t climb over to ‘drive’ with me! Yay!!! {also, took the 18-135 back today… I’ll miss it for shots like these!}
My beautiful new notebook:
 I think Oliver likes having all of us in the basement so he can keep an eye on us… Except for when he’s sleeping, which is most of the time :)
I got excited about the second paragraph {about how photographers use chemistry} until I realized that they were talking about film photography. Shucks, I was just starting to get interested in chemistry ;) Hello, old Chemistry book!
Yesterday evening, I took Joelle to a local park for our “First Day of School” portraits! She took pictures of me too, and I was very impressed! She’s learned lots :) She may become a photographer too one of these days! ;) {and p.s., for the record, I like these shots about a billion times better than last years :)}
Ha! This idea didn’t turn out as well as I thought it might :) But it’s so absolutely adorable! Maybe if we do this every year, we can at least see how much her handwriting has changed :) She wrote: Grade 2nd, Favorite… Food: Mac & Cheese, Movie: Lorax, Song: Songs That Jesus Said {actually an album :)}, Book: Katie Lynn Cookie Company, Season: Fall, Thing To Do: Lots { :)}, Want To Be: Spy, Dancer, Poet, Waitress. Joelle.
She did wonderfully with all my crazy ideas :)
Probably my favorite!
Lovely backlight! Seriously, the light was fading SO fast… I’ll post a before and after at the end!
Change of clothes!
“I look like a nerd!!!”
She’s so cute!
She loves dancing :)
And being sassy :)

Here’s some of my favorite pictures to show… before and afters :)
Joelle in first grade, and now! A second grader!

Me in 10th grade, a now! ELEVENTH GRADE!!!

EEP! LOOK AT MY HAIR!!! That folks, is the result of not cutting my hair for 10 months. I absolutely can’t believe it’s grown that much!!! Oh my word, that’s fantastic. Oh hey look, same earrings :)

And a before and after of the backlight…

Seriously, it was getting SO dark! I absolutely LOVE Lightroom’s noise reduction!!! It’s about the best thing ever :)

YAY for 11th grade!!! I can’t believe I only have 2 more years of school left…

When do you start school?

mary ann - I use chemistry in my film photography class at school all the time! It’s so much fun. I loved chem as a class, but US History will be great too.

All of the photos of Joelle are adorable, as usual!

and for the record, I eat cookies at school. except in photo class because we don’t want to mix chemicals with food :)

Tabitha - I start school Monday. My last year! It’s crazy!

I did the same Chemistry as you!!! :) (hated it haha). And last year was supposed to be my last year of math but they suprised me with Geometry also. :/

And I go to private school, but I can eat cookies in class because
I’m mildly hypoglycemic haha. And one teacher let’s us eat. I miss homeschool though.

Your hair is gorgeous! I wish my hair grew that fast. And
You are so pretty! :)

This comment was so long! Good luck with school! :)

Alyssa - I LOVE the pictures of your sister and you!!! I’m planning on doing a back to school photo shoot with my siblings too!:)
We start school next Monday.

Aidyl Ewoh - Nice pictures. I really like the ones from last year, too, though. I saw you’re using a lot of BJU books, I really like those!

Emily - This is awesome!!! I love your back to school pictures…I’ll have to do that with my sister! =)

Grace - WOW!!! You’re an amazing photographer! I love your hair longer! Its so beautiful! Good luck in school!

MargaretAnn - Eep! I certainly hope you are still able to blog along with your other stuff! Your blog is the best. :) Definitely praying for you.

And homeschooling is awesomeness! Cookies all day long. ;)

As usual, I love these pictures. :) And your hair is BEAUTIFUL! Man, I wish I had hair like that!

Good luck with school!

Acacia - I’m SO happy you shared with us what you’re doing for school this year! Most bloggers (unfortunately) don’t. And I really love it when teen share their educational plans for the year.

Your photos are INCREDIBLE! And I love your posts (as always).

I’m going to follow your blog now…! :)

xxx Acacia (ahh cass ee uh)

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