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Almost 2013

I’m not lying when I say I’ve been looking forward to this post all year :) These are seriously some of my favorite posts, and I have no idea why! I could NOT be more excited for 2013!!! Other than the fact that it’s an odd year, and I’m just weirdly OCD in that I don’t like odd years, 2013 is going to be just stupendous… I can feel it! :) There’s lots of new and exciting things up ahead, and I’m just so excited to get started :) I can honestly say that 2012 has been my most favorite year ever… It’s been busy, crazy, exciting, frustrating, and insanely wonderful. There have been lots of lows, and lots of highs, and the highs have been oh-so-stupendous that the lows were kind of canceled out ;) So here was 2012 in review…
{but this is just a general overview… lots of other stuff has happened this year too ;)}
We welcomed 2012! I can’t believe it’s been a whole year… I started a new photo challenge, but we all know that I’m not very good about sticking with blog challenges, so this one lasted about 2 months ;) We got our first real snow of January, and I also took some pictures of a tree to get printed in our bathroom, and we have yet to print it! Haha! Kathryn and I had an awesome photoshoot, and mom planned a pancake breakfast. I made some big changes to the blog right off the bat, and changed the name to EmilySacra.com. I wasn’t really feeling Flip Flops and Polka Dots anymore ;) Joelle and I also started a little series of her in her princess dress!

I bought a remote for my camera, and Joelle and I took a bazillion silly pictures of ourselves! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work now, but I guess that’s what I get for buying a $15 remote ;) I bought BlogStomp, and it was seriously the BEST purchase ever!!! OK, maybe not the best, but it was pretty freakin close! :) I also photographed my first wedding with Rothwell Photography, and you can see some of their pictures here! I kinda sorta got a new computer from Kate, but then I ended up giving it back ;) I photographed my first Chick Fil A event as well! It went super well, and I’ve become their official photographer ever since! I also photographed Jacob and Jessica’s baby announcement photos, which was so much fun :) I took pictures of my favorite little lumberjack, and I found the perfect field that I’d been looking for!!! I hit 1000 posts {isn’t that crazy???}, and hosted a giveaway! We spent a lovely Sunday at the park, and it seemed like Spring was coming early!!!March
It seemed like Spring was here to stay, until we got a snow storm! I took on a big-ish project and created my own studio! Since then I have moved the computer into my room, and my studio has kind of been obliterated ;) I dragged Joelle out into the early morning fog, and forced her to have a photoshoot! Haha! I got beautiful pictures of nature before a storm, and I seriously love the colors!!! I updated blog readers on life, sharing that dad lost his job {which has seriously been one of the best things that’s happened…}, and that I started Behind the Wheel! I made an insanely huge post about my photography journey, and I loved every step in making it!!! I took some lovely pictures of Kate under a gorgeous red bud arch, and completed school on March 26th!!! Spring was finally here {and to stay this time!}, I got my 16th birthday present, a phone, and mom and I got our toes painted for my birthday :)

I celebrated my Sweet Sixteen!!! Sweet Sixteen! Is that crazy or what??? I captured a beautiful spring evening, reminisced about childhood, and dyed Easter eggs! We celebrated the resurrection of our Lord, and I took photos at our churches new building! I helped {ok, mostly photographed ;)} grandpa planting potatoes, and played with Joelle in the pool! It was crazy that it was hot enough in the end of April to want to go swimming! I wrote a post about Oliver, with pictures and adorable videos of my baby, and I shared recipes for Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Panda Bear Cupcakes :)

I squealed over the fact that I would get my license in 60 days!!! Daddy turned 43, and Joelle and I took some portraits, hoping to find one to hang in our room, and I never got around to printing one! We all went to the DC Zoo {for Kate’s 22nd birthday} as a family, and it was an amazing trip!!! Definitely one of the highlights of the year :) We also celebrated Mother’s Day, and got a new dishwasher!!! Shabby Apple asked me to become an affiliate with their store, and I gave Emily Sacra Photography a much-needed makeover! I finally went and saw The Hunger Games in theaters {after obsessing for over a month over the books :)}, and LOVED it! Joelle’s love of horses took us to a friends house to go horseback riding! Summer came, and with it snakes {it’s ok to scream when you see a snake, right?}. I got a reality check, and realized that I needed to learn to be content with the camera equipment that I had! Ollie-bear got his first bath outside, and we went swimming for the first time in 2012! I also got to take some absolutely gorgeous pictures of 3 stunning little girls, and I loved every minute of it!

We started out the month right by watching my cousin graduate high school, and by swimming! I tried my hand at a crazy cloning job, and it didn’t turn out too shabby ;) Mom turned 42, and Jenny turned 20! Kathryn and I took more portraits, and I took pictures of Kate and a friends baby. We took some crazy pictures on Father’s Day, and I got to borrow a Nikon D3 again, and fell even more in love with it {if that was even possible ;)}!!! Summer days were long and lovely, and I photographed the Greenmount Bible School. Days spent at the pool were the best way to spend the summer :) I also got to photograph a PROPOSAL!!!

We had an insanely major storm and were without power for 96 hours! On July 1st, I got my license!!! I rented a 7D, and fell in love with the wide angle lens! July 4th was celebrated by attending the parade downtown and watching fireworks! Joelle and I spent some time down by the lake, and Jenny, Joelle, and I started going to some baseball games, and found that they really were interesting! :) I saw The Amazing Spiderman in 3D, and it was absolutely incredible! Definitely my favorite movie :) I went to the lake with Kathryn and her family, and I took my very favorite Chick Fil A pictures ever! I was blown away by the fact that the once-a-year Dairymen Specialty lunch was upon us once again, and I got an absolutely stunning lightning picture!!! Joelle and I continued our Pretty Pretty Princess series, one series I don’t seem to have trouble sticking to ;) It seemed like fall had come, but it was gone before I knew it! I celebrated four years of blogging, got my very first job {!!!}, and recreated an iconic photo with Jenny.

I stepped a bit out of my comfort zone and took my camera into Walmart, and got some really different and interesting photos! D.J. and I went on an adventure and may or may not have done some illegal things… {accidentally, of course! :)} The county fair was back in town, and I got my favorite fair pictures ever! Out of the 11 pictures I entered, I won 9 ribbons! We went to Riven Rock with some friends, and had a fabulous time celebrating the last few days of summer! Joelle began 2nd grade, and I began 11th grade on August 21st! We took some back-to-school portraits, and I absolutely adore them! D.J. and I got together again for more fun and laughter, and again at Brethren Woods! The first leaf fell, and fall was on it’s way!!!

Life started getting really crazy {and it hasn’t slowed down any!} with work and school, and I bought a fantabulous new lens! I bought an 18-135, and I love it because I can use it for practically anything, and it’s perfect for family snaps :) I made a video tutorial for how to clone yourself in Photoshop, and I had so much fun making it! D.J. and I had another session where we kinda-sorta trashed a dress, and I shot a stunning engagement shoot with a Nikon D3! I fell in love with the colors and clarity :) I dressed Oliver up as a Hipster Puppy, and he was absolutely insanely adorable, as always ;) I went over to D.J.’s house and we found an old train depot! It was a super cool place for pictures! I also got my first car!!! AHHH!!! It is not the prettiest looking thing, but I absolutely love having my own car :) I also wrote about something very personal that happened in 2012… my weight loss journey. Losing 60 pounds {January 2012 – present} was a huge part of 2012, and definitely one of the highlights :)

Fall had arrived!!! My favorite season was here :) We spent evenings together as a family around the campfire, sharing stories, laughs, and having lots of fun! I blogged about my obsession with boots, and had some sister bonding time with Joelle :) I had another gorgeous engagement shoot, and I used my own equipment! I was so proud of these pictures, because I proved to myself that even though that new Nikon D3 is going to be absolutely incredible, I don’t need it to take wonderful photos. It reaffirmed the “a fancy camera doesn’t make you a photographer” phrase :) And then my sweet baby sister turned 8!!! I blinked, and she grew up :)

I finished a 2-year series with the trees in our backyard, and even though I had lots of fun doing it, I was glad for it to be over :) We left October 29th {the day after Joelle’s birthday!} for Kentucky, and had an absolutely wonderful trip!!! I love all the pictures from that week :) We went apple picking, and Joelle and I made our annual Monstrous pile! I photographed a super adorable family, and they turned out insanely beautiful! I loved their outfit choices, and you can’t go wrong with a little boy that cute :) D.J. and I got together again {surprise surprise! ;)}, and took lots of fun pictures at a local park. I took Joelle location scouting with me, and it turned into a really fun afternoon :) Chelsey and I went up to Skyline Drive, and had a fabulous long chat! I took some pictures of the bare winter-ness outside, and ended up really loving the results, even though the blah winter months aren’t my favorite :)

We all went and got our Christmas tree!!! Oliver posed for some portraits, and Jenny got re-baptized! Oh my word, I photographed my first wedding!!! I had done the other wedding in February, but I was mostly observing, and not shooting. This wedding, I was the photographer, and I got to pose and direct people however I wanted! It was an amazing experience, and made me realize that I most definitely want to shoot weddings :) I had my first date, and obsessed over my new blazer :) I finally felt like I was getting into the Christmas spirit {with only 5 days until Christmas! Haha!}, and I got very excited for Christmas!!! We got our first big snow, and on Christmas Eve!!! It was a lovely early present :) Funny thing was, it snowed on Christmas Eve, and most of it melted on Christmas Day, and then the day after Christmas we got a huge storm! :) Christmas Day came and went, but this year it seemed to fly by! But this Christmas was my favorite one so far, and I’m so thankful for my family and friends that made it that way!

This year, lots has happened, but I certainly haven’t blogged about everything! So this is just a very small sampling of my year :)

And now for one of my favorite parts… my favorite images from 2012!!! Obviously, I could have included a billion more, because I love them all, but I had to choose only a few ;)

For real, hallelujah for BlogStomp! I collaged all these pictures in about 15 minutes. I must be a nerd, because these things make me insanely happy ;)

I mentioned last year that I had bought this journal, and I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck with it! Every single day is filled out :) I’m really looking forward to continuing this for 5 years, and it will be very interesting to see my different {or similar!} answers!

Goodbye 2012, hello 2013!!!

Acacia - To say I ‘like’ this would be an understatement. I loveloveLOVE this post and your words and these photos SO much!

xx acacia

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