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What can I say, Joelle and I are just awesome. And she actually really does love me… The other day, she cried three times when I had to leave for work. I mean, that’s just UNHEARD of! She cries when KATE leaves, not ME! She said “Emilyyyy, you’re never home anymore!!! You work allll the timeeeee”,  and although it was whiny, and I don’t deal well with whiny children, it was pretty cute :) It’s nice to be loved ;)

Monday evening, Joelle and I took Oliver out for an impromptu photoshoot! But it was BURNING UP. Like, literally, it must have been 4,672 degrees.

tank top: old navy {this one} // skirt: maurices {this one} // shoes: sperry’s {bought super duper cheap from rack room shoes} // puppy: the best accessory ever.

She’s so cute :)

We like to buy shoes that match :D So far we’ve collected three pairs of matching shoes.

LOVE the one on the right!

I treated them to Kline’s for ice cream after our shoot, because they both did so well :) Oliver just chilled beside me while people came up to pet him and love on him :) And then he finished our ice cream for us, so he didn’t mind a bit ;)

MargaretAnn - I love these pictures so much! Joelle is adorable (I think I’ve said that like 5 billion times before).

Sarah d - CUTE!!! By the way, where’d Joelle get her skirt from? It’s probably too small for me, but is super cute!

Ashlyn - Ok, Emily- you are cute. I LOVE your outfit. You are so classy!!
And I so know what it’s like to have a sister like that. :)
On a serious note… I don’t think you’ll ever need to find a second-shooter. Joelle seriously knows how to rock a camera! My word… She is GOOD! I love her framing :) now, you just need to teach her manual (unless she already knows) and you guys will shake the photography industry. No joke! I have a younger sister who’s really good, and as I don’t have two cameras (yet) I’m still teaching her manual and basics and so maybe when I have a business I can have a second shooter.
I’m done now, but f’reals, you guys are amazing.

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