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Monthly Archives: July 2013

Homes are for free expression

My room has stayed kind of blah for a long time… I painted it gray {I switched from the hot pink and dark gray… Going to light gray was the best decision ever!} back in May 2012, and never posted real before & after pictures. I thought I’d have time  to write a post about […]

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Yesterday was just the kind of day I needed. We turned off the AC, opened up all the windows, and let the cool air in! Yesterday morning really felt like fall, which made me so so happy :) I decided to take some pictures, which is always great medicine for me to get out of […]

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I guess I forgot about you

These Aletheia pictures, that is… ;) They’ve been sitting on my desktop for over two months, so what better time to post them than a Sunday evening??? Let’s just pretend that they were taken this morning ;) This kids mischievous grin… I love it! Love this one! He is such a cutie-pie!!!

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Reasons… I have them. Right?

Hopefully in this post, I’ll cover why I haven’t been posting as much, why I haven’t been myself lately, why I haven’t been taking pictures, and why I’m basically a confused mess. At this point, I’m honestly not quite sure what the answers to these questions are, but I’m hoping that if I just start […]

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