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So what the heck happened to 2013?? I’m pretty sure it only lasted 5 minutes. I’m suuuuper excited for 2014 though! I feel like this is going to be a great year. I’ve been looking forward to 2014 for sooooo many years, because this was the year everything amazing was going to happen {graduation, Europe trip, etc.}. I sure hope it can live up to my high expectations ;) I really thought 2013 was going to be amazing, but honestly? It really wasn’t. So much just stuff happened, and I’ll be really glad when it’s a new year with a fresh start. I didn’t blog a whole lot this year, I just had a good time experiencing life. Whew… Thanks for coming so soon, 2014… You will be a welcome change!! 2014 is my year.


Honestly, not much happened in January. It was a pretty uneventful month. At the very beginning of the year, I got an iPhone 5 though, and that was pretty awesome :) I still absolutely love it! The January-blues set it really quick {it seems that every year I start to ache for spring a little earlier…}, and Sarah-Anne and I forced ourselves to go shoot ;) I cut my bangs, which I thought was awesome. But looking back now I think “oh dear, what on earth was I thinking”. Note to self: always pay a hairdresser to do what they’ve gone to college for.


A lot happened in February, but I didn’t blog much. I decided to be done with school early. I honestly just couldn’t do it all anymore… Trying to balance working full-time, as well as trying to do photography full-time, and I couldn’t fit school in at all anymore. So I prayed and talked to my parents about it and we decided it was for the best. I haven’t regretted that decision once!! I also went through a breakup {yay for first boyfriends}, which sucked. I kind of moped for a little while, but finally picked myself up and moved on with my life. February was certainly an interesting month ;) Haha


We began March with a big snowstorm, which we called the ‘Snowpocalypse‘ ;) It was fun to be snowed in with the family for a while, and definitely a good break from just freezing cold weather. This was also the time that my obsession with shopping and music began to kick in, and it certainly hasn’t dimmed since then. Good grief, I spend more money on clothes and Starbucks than I knew was possible. March 15th I bought a Nikon D3, which had been my dream camera for 2 years! I had been doing some intense saving, and finally had enough! It arrived the next day, and I loved it :) I also bought a teal Epiphanie bag… The one I had been coveting for 3 years. March was definitely a month for me to spend lots of money ;)


I turned seventeen! I was really glad to not be sixteen anymore, because I mean, ew. ;) Haha, jk. But seriously. DJ also turned seventeen, only 4 days after me :) We’re soul mates. It started to feel like summer {yeah, not spring, summer}, which I didn’t mind in the least! I did a super awesome cake smash, and the pictures made me super happy :) DJ and I took Joelle to the circus, and we had a blast! I decided to finally update Emily Sacra Photography with a huge facelift… It was definitely time for me to get that professional look!


May was an awesome month… I started it off by returning my Nikon D3. It was a terrible fit for me, and I ended up purchasing a Canon 5D Mark III, which I am absolutely 100% and completely in love with. Joelle and I had a ‘sister bonding day‘, and it is honestly one of my favorite memories from this spring/summer! It was a great day! I decided to follow suit with Emily Sacra Photography and plunged this blog into a huge webhost switch and facelift. DJ and I went to prom, which is basically every girl’s dream. I got to wear a fancy dress and have my hair and makeup done, and DJ was the best date :) We went swimming for the first time in 2013, and I went to Smith Mountain Lake with Kathryn and her family. We used the inner tube for the first time, and definitely got knocked off a couple times :)


We got to go to the beach as a whole family {+ Thomas! Our family wouldn’t be complete without him :)}, and it was literally incredible. I can’t even describe it. To this day, I’ll sometimes look through those beach pictures and fall in love all over again. It’s amazing how pictures do that to me :) While at the beach, we got some pretty awesome family pictures, and I printed our family picture on a huge 16×24 canvas for mom for Christmas! It looks gorgeous! Lots of swimming went down, and I captured my favorite lightning shots ever.


July was crazy busy… So much happened, yet I blogged so little! This year I really learned that it’s super important to live your life because you love it, and not worry about capturing/documenting every single moment. July 4th was right on schedule though, and blazing hot as always. I wrote a post explaining why I wasn’t posting much, and hoped that made up for my absence from the blog world ;)


August was absolutely amazing! And I actually got to blog about it :) DJ and I went to Kings Dominion and I conquered my fear of roller coasters!! Not only that, I am absolutely obsessed with them now!! DJ and I also went on a weekend road trip to Nashville, and it was definitely one of my favorite experiences from this year! I think road trips with her need to be an annual thing :) We went to the county fair, and I had a great time!! I loved riding all the rides I had always been afraid to ride before, and I learned more important lessons about how it’s ok to leave your camera behind sometimes. Joelle started 3rd grade, and finally started learning to love posing for me! And oh my gosh you guys, I had my senior portraits taken! But not just that, they were taken by KATELYN JAMES HERSELF. I was freaking out. Actually, I still am. ;) I can’t even tell you how amazing that experience was. Just imagine how amazing you think it was, and multiply that by about a trillion. It was absolutely blazing hot outside, and my makeup had just about all sweated off by the end of the session, but I didn’t care one bit.


I didn’t blog much in September either, and it was kind of a quiet month. I worked a lot, and did a couple senior shoots. Joelle gave her hair to Lock of Love again, and she loves her short hair! It finally felt like fall, and Joelle and I did an adorable photo shoot to celebrate!


At the very beginning of October, I got a very special package in the mail… My new Macbook! It was everything I hoped it would be, and my parents were so glad they could kick all my photography stuff off the desktop computer ;) I was taking up an incredibly large amount of space! Haha! DJ and I had a photo shoot with our iPhones, and loved having a different perspective on things! Joelle and I carved a pretty awesome pumpkin, which was a very spur-of-the-moment thing and ended up giving me some great memories. Joelle also turned nine, and we spent the day in DC shopping!


Kate planned a super adorable American Girl Doll themed birthday party for Joelle, which she had a fabulous time at! Our annual Monstrous pile was a success {5 years in a row baby!}, and it was our biggest and best one yet. I literally made the best cookies in the entire world. That recipe shall be passed down to my great grandchildren. The day for the Catching Fire premier was upon us, and I only freaked out a liiiiittle tiny bit. Ok, a lot. I had only been waiting for that day for 2 years. I started to find a passion for self portraits, and I love pushing myself and getting creative! Joelle and I both sported some pretty rad lipstick on Thanksgiving Day. We just rocked it.


On the very first day of the month, we got our Christmas tree! We definitely started December out right :) A couple days later, I got my hair cut… AHHHH!!! :) It was pretty nerve-wracking {I looove my hair}, and I wasn’t expecting it to be so short, but it definitely needed it. It wasn’t super healthy {previous hair dresser problems ;)}, and now it looks soooo much better :) I do still miss my super long hair, but I know it will get there again, and it will be way healthier! November 30th was my last day at Chick Fil A, and I wrote about it here. I still miss it sometimes, but I am absolutely sure it was for the best!! December 8th we got our first real snow! Joelle and I continued the Pretty Pretty Princess series, and I’m pretty sure this was the last one :) She’s getting way too big for that dress!! I got to meet Meredith from Meredith Sledge Photography, and it was sooooo fun and exciting!! Christmas Day came, and I felt so so blessed! On December 28th, Oliver was attacked by our neighbors dog. He is doing alright now, and healing really well :) It was an awful experience though!! What a way to end 2013, right? ;)

And now here are some favorite pictures from this year!

Whew! It’s been a crazy year. You don’t even understand how ready I am for 2014. I hope everyone has a wonderful and a safe New Years! Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!!

Beatrice - Happy new year Emily!
I hope Oliver is doing better:)
Greetings from Switzerland,

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