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I guess the snow was good for something after all

Even though I’m totally and completely done with snow, I am thankful for the last snow we got because it gave us lots of green grass!! Ahhhh, I’ve been waiting for this green grass for forever!!

Aaaand the trees are finally starting to bud again, which makes me incredibly happy :)

Joelle and I took pictures in Lowe’s today… We’re so crazy! Haha!

Nothing like doing a little modeling in a home improvement store.

Then we went to Arby’s for supper, where I decided to splurge and get a mint milkshake. Bad. Decision.

And then we picked up Oliver and went to the park!

Emily Ruth - You and Joelle look like you had lots of fun. I wish we had some green. In Maine, we’re supposed to get some snow this week. :(

MargaretAnn - These are so great! All the pictures of swings make me want to go swinging…

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