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Last Wednesday, DJ and I were talking about how ‘boring’ our lives were, compared to other teenagers. Meaning, we don’t really do all the ‘crazy, stupid, and immature’ things that it seems a lot of other people our age do ;) I’ll be 18 in 2 days, and DJ will be 18 in 6 days, and we were honestly feeling slightly panicked because we only had a few days left to be typical teenagers ;) So, we decided that Saturday {yesterday} would be our EPIC TEENAGE REBELLION DAY. Which kind of failed, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. I mean, we had great plans. Road tripping across the country {in one day, mind you}, eating Kline’s ice cream {woooo living on the edge eating that dairy!}, jumping in the bouncy ball container at Walmart {sounds fun, but I’m pretty sure we’d be thrown in jail.}, burning something {because that sounds like something a typical teenager would do}, and possibly even sleep in a public place. Because we’re exciting like that. However, Saturday morning dawned cloudy and rainy. So we spent the day dodging bullets {ok, just raindrops}, eating Mexican food {even though what we really wanted was Chinese. But hey, typical teenagers can’t pay $14 for some beef & broccoli takeout ok}, and watching Frozen {in which DJ fell asleep halfway through so she STILL DOESN’T KNOW WHY THE WORLD HATES HANS} at midnight while indulging in Cookie Monster ice cream in sugar cones. So it was more of a “we’re too old to be doing all this stuff” day than a “YAY WE’RE ONLY TEENAGERS FOR A FEW MORE DAYS SO LET’S LIVE LIFEEEEEE” day. Apparently, we’re just too responsible to be teenagers. So it’s a good thing that in 2 & 6 days we’ll be official adults.

One thing that we did manage to get done was play MESSY TWISTER. And yes, it was even more fun than it sounds!! It was raining slightly, and SUPER cloudy/foggy, so the pictures didn’t come out fabulouslybut it was still so much fun and we made lots of memories :) The sheet was pointing slightly downhill, and adding rain + paint made for a very slippery experience! Haha!!

We were being so careful to keep the paint in the circles, but really they all started running together after a few seconds! It is SO hard to not slip on this!!

DJ’s all like “is it time to go yet” and I’m all “LET’S DO THIS” ;)

I included this one because obviously… I mean, it cracks me up ;)

Olivia - How fun! ;)

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