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Yes, my friends, I, Emily Joy Sacra, have kept a secret for a few months!! I’ve been obsessively nitpicking over ever little tiny detail about my business, and I’ve come to quite a few conclusions. One of them being that I want to blog more at Emily Sacra Photography. This blog was and forever will be an incredibly huge part of my life! I mean, I’ve been blogging here for close to 6 years, for goodness sakes!! But you know, at some point, it’s time to move on. I knew I had two choices. 1) I could keep blogging my personal life here, and let my business suffer because my clients don’t know me or 2) I could begin anew and combine both business and personal life and basically have a completely new approach to my business. So I picked the latter ;) I am so excited for all that’s in store for Emily Sacra Photography!!

So I’m asking all of my lovely readers to instead follow Emily Sacra Photography! I’ll be posting the same as I do here, but it will be even better!! I’ll have tutorials for photographers, and of course, I’ll include my sessions!! Plus it has an awesome new design that I love ;) I will be double-posting on this blog for a little while, just until I decide for sure what to do here! I certainly would never delete this blog, because there’s too many memories!! It’s hard to leave something like this behind! Six years is a long time ;) So I hope that you all will continue to follow along with me as I continue on this journey!!

And the best part?

You could win a $10 Starbucks gift card!! Who wouldn’t want to win that? ;) Just head on over to the blog to read more about this transition and enter!! I love you all!

Ellie Augustin - I must say I love your blog and although I’m guilty of being one of them readers that don’t leave a comment know that I love your work and all you share. I’m a super busy mama who has fallen in love w/photography & documenting my daily life and am in the transition of trying to do the same for others via photography & you inspire me. Even my Hubby knows about you! (hmm that SO sounded like a stalker status huh ROFL.)
Congrats to you darling! & Off I go follow your photography blog!

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