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If we had no winter, spring would not be as pleasant

Anne Bradstreet


Part of me feels like I need to take another break after that long post yesterday and just let everything sink in!! But I’ve been gone from this blog for almost two weeks, so life must go on ;)

Spring has finally arrived here in Virginia, although today is quite a bit colder than it has been!! This weekend was downright hot, but today we had to start a fire in the wood stove!! :( At least it looks like spring outside!! The grass is so green, all the trees are blooming, and the beautiful flower petals are opening! The forsythia is our neighbors field has bloomed as well, so Joelle and I took a few pictures!

It’s funny, because I realized after I had taken these pictures, that exactly one year ago I took pictures with the forsythia too!! What a crazy coincidence :) Joelle was only outside for a few minutes, but I got a chance to use my new camera remote that Kate gave me for my birthday!

Forsythia-1 Forsythia-2 Forsythia-3 Forsythia-5 Forsythia-6 Forsythia-8 Forsythia-9 Forsythia-10

Yes, I stuck my orange toes in a bush of purple flowers ;) I’m 100% sure that my neighbors think I’m nuts by now ;)

Forsythia-11 Forsythia-12 Forsythia-13 Forsythia-15 Forsythia-16

Maxi dress: Wet Seal // Shoes: Rack Room // Hat: Stolen from Jenny’s closet ;)

Forsythia-18 Forsythia-19 Forsythia-21 Forsythia-23 Forsythia-25 Forsythia-27 Forsythia-29 Forsythia-31

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