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Just be cool

What can I say, Joelle and I are just awesome. And she actually really does love me… The other day, she cried three times when I had to leave for work. I mean, that’s just UNHEARD of! She cries when KATE leaves, not ME! She said “Emilyyyy, you’re never home anymore!!! You work allll the […]

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Summer is upon us

Like, it’s completely full blown. We turned the AC on on Wednesday, and on Thursday I went to the lake! I can’t decide if I’m a lake person, or a beach person… I love sitting on the boat with the wind in my hair at the lake, but I looooove the atmosphere of the beach… […]

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Cole Bros. Circus

DJ and I took Joelle to the Cole Bros. Circus on Wednesday night, and it was AWESOME!!! I mean, literally awesome. This was a legit circus too… Not just some Harrisonburg thing ;) Plus I rented an 80-200 {for a wedding this weekend}, and I absolutely LOVED using it!!! That fixed aperture is pretty freaking […]

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