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Delight East Coast 2014

Wow. Where does one even begin? If I tried to sit here and write about everything that happened at the Delight and Be retreat last week, I would literally be here for hours, and I would absolutely for sure burst into tears numerous times just remembering everything. So I guess I’ll just try to start […]

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Instagram Lovelies .18

YAY MARCH!! Winter will be over sooooon! And my birthday is in less than a month :) March is always a really hopeful month for me, because it finally starts to get warmer!! My sweet napping pooch! We all drink sooo much water now. Like, it’s literally all we drink. It helps when you drink […]

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Instagram Lovelies .17

I mean really, I Instagram a lot. A lot a lot. I have even more to share this month than usual… So hold on to your hats, Instagram Lovelies is coming your way. Taking pictures in the FREEZING cold!! Always worth it :) It was colder outside than in the freezer section at Costco!! Taking […]

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Instagram Lovelies .16

Holy mackerel, December must have been the month to Instagram. I’ve got a boatload of shots coming your way!! Waffles and gravy for breakfast on a cold and icy morning! Kate loves bingo ;) He always wants to steal my food… Throwback Thursday to when Oliver was so so so tiny and would help me […]

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