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Is it spring yet?

No, not yet. But it’s getting closer! Monday was incredibly warm and gorgeous! It was in the 70’s and Oliver, Joelle, and I spent most of the day outside soaking up the sun <3 Blue sky and sunshine for the first time in forever! Joelle and I took a few photos the other day… It […]

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Oh what a glorious day

The weather today is amazing!! The sun shone bright, it was 60*, and there was a breeze blowing to make it feel like the perfect spring day! It’s possible that next week we’ll get 30-40 inches of snow, but I don’t even want to think about it when we have days like today!! I only wish […]

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VA is too bipolar for me

It has always seemed that Virginia has some pretty great weather… In the spring, it’s heavenly! It’s the perfect mix between cool and warm, and there’s always hope in the spring. Summer time is really hot, and fall is INSANELY gorgeous!! We have the prettiest colors and the air is cool. And in the winter, […]

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