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On days like today

Days like today, I am just so very happy for spring. And happy for just being alive. Life is certainly looking up! Warm weather, flowers, buds, and lots of pictures. I took some fun pictures of Joelle and Maddie jumping on the trampoline!  Then Joelle took some pictures of me!  Doing some air-yoga Yay for […]

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Spring is never coming

I am pretty much convinced that Virginia is going to be in a perpetual state of winter. And this sucks. My birthday is in 5 days, and there’s still snow on the ground. My birthday last year was insanely green, and I was kinda-sorta hoping it’d be the same this year :) But the chances […]

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The day the daffodils bloomed

Hallelujah, spring is coming!!! And I’ll have daffodils on my birthday :) It was beginning to seem like the flowers would never bloom! I also got to visit Batman {and his brothers} yesterday: Love that first one ;) Yay for spring!!! Hopefully we’re completely done with snow and winter :)

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