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So… Scratch that last post

Yes. That Ways to ensure you never get that Nikon D3 post ;) Why? BECAUSE I BOUGHT A NIKON D3 TODAY THAT’S WHY!!! Ahhhh!!! And it’s coming tomorrooooow! Tomorrow, tomorrow, it’s only a day awaaaaay! :D Could I BE more excited??? No, probably not. I’ll share all the juicy details later, but for now, here […]

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A 75 degree day in January

A warm day like today may not be normal, but it sure does make me happy! And although I’m sure it won’t stick around, I really wish it would. I’m so done with winter, and read for spring!!! I took Oliver and Joelle to the park today, so we could enjoy this fabulous weather, even […]

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Beautiful Buds

You’ve probably noticed that I love spring. I almost feel bad about all of my spring posts recently ;) I’m amazed though, that lots of my blog friends don’t have spring yet!!! But then I remember that it is still March, and us Virginian’s have just been incredibly blessed this year by an early spring! […]

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Colors before the storm

Oliver and I went out for a walk, and halfway up the cul-de-sac I realized that my camera wasn’t with me {big no-no}, and I definitely needed it to capture some gorgeous storm clouds rolling in! So we ran back home {Oliver was pretty upset that his walk was being cut short…}, I grabbed my […]

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