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After all those spring posts…

This gets dumped on us: taken with kate’s itouch, because mine was dead Joelle and I stayed up in Massanutten with Kate, because she’s house sitting up there, for a sleepover, and this morning we woke up to boatloads of snow! It’s absolutely crazy! I thought that spring was finally here! So we tried to […]

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Hey, it’s March!

March can either be really good, or really bad. So far it’s been really good! There’s been a fabulous mix of rain and sunshine {although, I could have gone for more sunshine today! There was tons of rain…}, and {EEP!} buds are everywhere! Edit: This was written March 2nd, but the rest is being wrote […]

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March Tree

WHAT IS UP with those black marks at the top??? Thank goodness they’re all gone now. Can you imagine cloning them out of every single photo? Yikes. Also, sorry this is a bit late… We were having internet troubles today. Yay for March!!! March can either make me really depressed, or really happy. Since it’s […]

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One must have sunshine

Even though rainy days are nice, I absolutely adore warm spring days! And apparently Joelle loves melted turkey {no ham} and cheese {she’s always adored cheese…} sandwiches :) Gardening!!!  Because we’ve had this unseasonably warm weather, I have hope that the daffodils will bloom much sooner than usual! Scooters and flip flops {new blog title? […]

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