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How to clone yourself in Photoshop

As I’ll say in the video, I got lots of questions from people wondering how I did the twin pictures of myself in this post. In all my past Photoshop tutorials, I’ve posted photos, but I finally just made a video, and it’s about a boatload easier! So without further ado, here’s how to clone […]

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What I love most about him

He is adorable. He doesn’t shed. He loves to play. He is super cuddly. He makes me happy when I’m sad. He is all mine :) The puppy that got paint on his head. Dad had been painting door frames while us girls were gone, and when we came home Oliver was so excited to […]

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Stuff people say to photographers

This video, like this one, has been circling Facebook for the past couple hours, and it needed to be posted here :) It is absolutely hilariously true! “Wow, your camera takes great pictures!” “Ew, delete that one!” Selective coloring = Ew! {yes, I went through that stage too :)}

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