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How long have you been a photographer? I wrote a reeeeally long post about that here, but the short story is that I’ve been interested in photography since the summer of 2008, and I officially began my business in November of 2011. 


Why do you love photography? Photography has been one of the only things in my life that has remained my passion. I am seriously the worst at making decisions and sticking to them! When I started blogging back in 2008, I never thought it would actually become part of my career, and something that I loved! I love that photography is one of those things where you are constantly learning!! I hope that I never stop learning new and awesome techniques, and ways to better my work!


Why did you switch from Canon to Nikon, and then back to Canon? My first dslr was a Canon 30D, and it was a great camera!! I loved that little thing to death! After using it for 3 years, I finally outgrew it. Some local photographers had been mentoring me, and they used Nikon D3’s. I did a couple shoots with them and fell in love with their cameras! Like, seriously, I couldn’t stop thinking about them. From then on out, ‘Nikon D3’ was the only thing on my mind! I was in love, and nobody could convince me otherwise. ;) So in March of 2013 I finally had saved up enough money to buy my own! I noticed right away there was something wrong. I didn’t love it. I figured it was just me, and I was being crazy and critical so I just kept taking pictures and hoping that everything would work out. But finally I got so fed up with the color and the images I was getting. I met up with a friend of mine that owned a Canon 5D Mark III, and honestly you guys, I fell even more in love with that camera. Literally everything about it was perfect. I was getting images sooc that I couldn’t achieve with the edited D3 images. So almost right away I returned the Nikon D3 and bought a Canon 5D Mark III. Not one time have I regretted switching back to Canon! I am so incredibly happy with my Canon! {in the Nikon D3’s defense, I am 99% sure there was something wrong with the actual camera. since I had used other D3’s, and they were great, I’m assuming there was an internal problem that wasn’t allowing me to edit them to the extent I was used to. but I’m grateful there was something wrong with it, because it forced me to try Canon again, and I’m so glad I did :)}


What do you do in your spare time? I am seriously a shopaholic. And I’m 100% addicted to Starbucks {white girl alert}. Spending time with my friends, talking about silly stuff, drinking Starbucks {I’m lucky my friends are as addicted to Starbucks as me ;)}, going on road trips, and finding new places to take pictures are some of my very favorite things. I probably love my iPhone a little bit too much, and if Apple puts out a new product, I probably want it. Call me crazy, but washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen is honestly something I love to do. Blasting the music in my car with the windows down, driving along empty country roads gives me a huge thrill… there’s nothing like it! My best friend and I are abnormally addicted to Chick Fil A as well, so if you’re looking for us, try checking either there or at Starbucks, because there’s a very good chance we’re at one of those two places.


What is your favorite Starbucks drink? I seriously cannot choose a favorite!! Pretty much anything in frappe form is the best, and even though I’m lactose intolerant, I can never resist that delicious whipped cream!! During the summer, I absolutely adore the Caramel Ribbon Crunch frappe; and in the winter, what white girl doesn’t love a good Peppermint Mocha?? The Pumpkin Spice Frappe is surprisingly amazing, the Mocha Frappuccino is heavenly, and the Peppermint Hot Chocolate is the perfect {inexpensive} boost. Just don’t give my little sister any of that, because she literally goes crazy for a few hours. Basically, if you bring me any type of Starbucks, I will love you forever. {that is not a joke, my friends}


Canon or Nikon? I really think that it’s all just personal preference. I found that Canon suits my personal style and brand much better than Nikon, but I know so many photographers that use Nikon and are so happy with it! I think it’s super important to try both, and weigh all the different advantages and disadvantages of both, and not write off a certain brand right away {you can learn from my mistake ;)}. But Canon would definitely be my recommendation :)


What camera would you recommend for a beginner? It kind of depends on what exactly you’re looking for. Do you hope to make a career out of photography? Or do you just want to take some nicer snaps of your kids? If it’s the latter, I would suggest a Canon Rebel. They are great little cameras, and they will most likely give you exactly what you are looking for! Something I think that everyone should invest in {no matter if you want to be a professional or a momtographer} is a great lens. You can buy the 50mm f/1.8 for about $100, and it’s an awesome lens to learn on! If you are wanting to make photography your career, I would possibly think about getting a Canon 30D or Canon 40D. I began with the 30D, and I’m so thankful that I skipped that step of having a Rebel. Rebel’s are great, but I think of them more as stepping stones to get to the higher end cameras {the 30D and 40D are still lower end models, but they’re more advanced than the Rebel’s}. I think the most important thing, is that you need to learn every inch of your camera, no matter what model you have! Don’t upgrade until you have literally worn your camera out and you know everything it can do! Once you start feeling limited by your equipment is when you really need to start thinking about upgrading. That super awesome and expensive equipment is great, but if you haven’t learned all about your previous camera, just buying an expensive model isn’t necessarily going to improve your photography.


Is it hard being a teenage photographer? It can sometimes be hard to get people to take you seriously as a teenage photographer, but it’s important to just keep working and not let what others say bring you down! I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true! Sure, some people will think you don’t take your work seriously because you’re young, but those aren’t the type of clients you want, and they’re certainly not the people you need in your life! You can let your work speak for yourself :) Congratulations on finding your passion at a young age! That’s a very special thing, and not everyone is so blessed :)



How would you describe your personal style? When you look at my images, I want you to feel like you were standing right there as the moment happened! I try to edit my photos very clean, natural, warm, and bright! I don’t do any special effects {apart for some cloning sometimes, because I think it’s so much fun :)}, and I love sticking to a mostly base image!


Do you have a question for me? I’d love to answer it! Email me at emilysacra@gmail.com!

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