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Nope. Definitely not spring.

Welllllll I’m pretty upset that’s it’s snowing. Yet again. I mean come on, I feel like we’ve gotten plenty of snow this winter. But of course, we get it all in January/February/March, when we don’t want it, and December is completely snow-free. But that’s just the way Virginia works! Let’s just hope that this is the last snow and spring comes soooooon!!!

I took some pictures out in the snow today, because I was wearing a fancy dress and purple heels. Who even does that?? And ps everything I am wearing is not mine. Well. It is now. But I got it all from my sisters! Aren’t older sisters the best? ;)

Dress: Target  {thanks Jenny} // Cardigan: ?? {thanks Kate} // Shoes: Target {thaaaanks Jenny}

Let’s just guess and say the cardigan is from Target too so everything can be all even-like mmkay?

Don’t tell me you don’t want purple shoes. And if you think you don’t, trust me. You do.

Josie - I totally understand! The weather cannot make up its mind. One day it’s in the 50s and the next it’s in the 30s. The snow does add a nice touch to your pictures, though. :) Beautiful! (seriously, you are so photogenic. And I love the dress. And the shoes. )
That’s all.

In Christ,

MargaretAnn - Absolutely crazy about your shoes.

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Is it spring yet?

No, not yet. But it’s getting closer! Monday was incredibly warm and gorgeous! It was in the 70’s and Oliver, Joelle, and I spent most of the day outside soaking up the sun <3

Blue sky and sunshine for the first time in forever!

Joelle and I took a few photos the other day… It was nice to take portraits again, but I SO miss the sunny day we had Monday!!

Tank top: Maurices // Cardigan: Old Navy // Jeans: American Eagle // Shoes: TOMS // Necklace : Maurices


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The cutest pancake you will ever see

It’s no secret that I’m obsessed with elephants. But my obsession took on a new level of cuteness when I made an elephant pancake the other morning. It was the cutest thing I’d ever seen, and I hated to eat it.

Aarti - Hey I just love your blog….Everyday the first i arrive at work i am first excited to see what new i get to see in emily’s blog…awesome!!!

Davene Grace - That is a VERY cute pancake! How’d you get it to look so good? I’m totally impressed! :)

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