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Somethin’ Fishy

Joelle and I share a bedroom and we recently re-decorated it. We also added a pet to the family. His name is Gilbert Morris. And yes, he is a fish. Joelle is a HUGE goldfish lover, so when we got a goldfish, she thought it proper to name it Gilbert. I suggested Taylor, but no! We had to name it Gilbert. A very common name, don’t you think? Nope. Oh well, she’s only three and what are you supposed to do when a very stubborn 3 year old wants to name HER fish GILBERT! I really do like the name Gilbert. It fits a fish. Now that I think about it, Taylor isn’t absolutely perfect for a fish. In a book I wrote, the main character had a fish and she named it Sneaky Pete. Don’t ask me how I came up with a name like that, but that isn’t too weird, considering that her bird is named Pepperoni. I must commend Joelle on her name-picking, but I wouldn’t of thought about Gilbert. And besides, I just had to add Morris to his name because he is on my side of the room, right? True. I’m old enough that I probably shouldn’t be worrying about whether I named the fish or my three year old sister did. I’ll learn to grow out of it, but right now, I’m still 12, and I’m sure that God still loves me even when I do quarrel with my sister about small stuff, but I am still God’s kid, and I don’t stay mad for long. Have a good day! God bless you!

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The small stuff

Last night at about 9:30 p.m., my little sister, Joelle, announces that her ‘poor tummy’ hurts. So, being the AMAZING sister that I am, went over to rub her back. (She loves for me to rub her arm with a key, but being 9:30, I wasn’t carrying a key at the moment. Isn’t that horrible?) Anyway, i was rubbing her back, when she asked me to hold her hand. I picked up the little hand and stroked it like mum used to do to me when I was little. Her hand was SO soft! It felt like the kind of butter you get in the containers, except much softer! I told her, “Dear, your hands are so soft!” I got a very tired reply, “It’s because we went swimming.” I couldn’t help laughing a little. After about 5 minutes, she was sound asleep, but I kept holding her hand. I sat on the edge of the bed thinking about my hands. Wait. What happened? Oh well, a little lotion always does the trick.
Today we went to the Dairymen Specialty Open House. They were serving lunch and had lots of displays indoors. Some displays included coloring books, balloons and fly swatters, much to Joelle’s delight. (We have plenty of flies around here, so she is very well entertained.) Did I mention they had macaroni? They scored a ten with me in that department!
Two days ago, I was reading in my devotional book, A Young Women After God’s Own Heart By Elizabeth George, and their was a poem that I was to memorize. I read it about 3 times, and it just stuck. Here it is, and I promise I’m not looking! :)

Good, Better, Best,
Never let it rest,
Until your Good is Better,
And your Better Best.
I’ve remembered that for 2 days now so if I remember it that long, I should be good to go!

Davene - You ARE an amazing sister. :)

That poem is one that I memorized years ago, and it’s still stuck with me. It’s a good one!

Nina - I read that poem just now for the first time, and I’ve already memorized it. I’m not looking:

Good, Better, Best
Never let it rest
until your good is better
and your better best

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Mum and I just finished a calm, quiet, serene and expressionless game of ping-pong in a very dignified manner. Not! :) It was actually full of lots of laughter, funny faces, smacking the ball and hitting the ball to hard. (Sorry mum!) Oh well, at least mum and I are dignified persons! Oh, and by the way, I won!

Davene - Your ping-pong adventures sound like fun!

Jeff and I used to play ping-pong when we first met. I even used to beat him sometimes, too…or maybe he just let me win. :)

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The Beginning

My name is Emily, and I have 3 siblings. I am 12 years old. The reason I got a blog, is because 2 of my sisters have Facebook. I am not old enough yet and I probably won’t get one when I am old enough. One of my favorite past times is writing. I have written several books. The one I have completely finished is not published, but I hope to publish it soon. My love for Jesus Christ is something that I can’t explain. I got baptized when I was 10 and I cherish every moment of it! Since this is my first entry, it is probably very boring to you all, but as time leads on, I will share (hopefully!) more interesting things. Well, that is all for now. I will try to write whenever time allows, and mum!

Davene - Yippee!!! I’m so glad you have this blog. :)

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