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YAY MARCH!! Winter will be over sooooon! And my birthday is in less than a month :) March is always a really hopeful month for me, because it finally starts to get warmer!!

My sweet napping pooch!

We all drink sooo much water now. Like, it’s literally all we drink. It helps when you drink it in fancy containers ;)

Oliver is indifferent to my kisses

Devotions outside on a 50* day!

Sleepy Austin during the Superbowl!

I followed Oliver around for a day and just took pictures of all his nap places! Haha!!

Eating ice cream while watching The Biggest Loser. It’s obviously so inspiring to me.

Flappy Bird problems.

Loooove my workouts and my water!!

First time actually eating tomatoes, and I really liked them!!

Made a s’mores bar!!

Just chilling on the stairs

Umm… Awkward.

“Oh look at that, I’ve been impaled”

Joelle and Oliver playing the car game ;)

Watching Netflix with Joelle at 10pm. Because we just do stuff like that.

She sends me the craziest texts! Haha!! Princess Diaries, anyone?? ;)

Costco pizza is the best :)

Ollie-bear loves cappuccinos! :)

Hung out with grandpa all day and he took me to DQ ;)

Picking an evening movie is stressful stuff. Thank goodness I have my twitter friends to help me pick which one.

Love practicing my piano!!

Happy Valentines Day ;)

We’ve been using the juicer a lot lately! This concoction tasted delicious :)

Took a selfie for the #DelightandbePINK challenge!!

Valentines Day candy from my bestest friend!!

Isn’t that soooo nice?? :)

Tried a delicious ice cream with strawberry dessert at Costco, and LOVED it!!

So sad all the musicals are over :( Oh my gosh, Footloose is my FAVORITE movie ever, but I didn’t think the play was super amazing. But Oklahoma was great, even though I’m just not a fan of the plot. HHS always has the BEST plays!!

He LOVES having his neck brushed!

What a lazy, adorable puppy :)

Teaching Oliver how to drive. He’s doing pretty well, but he’s having trouble reaching the pedals.

Love using the new Waterlogue app!

Oliver has to be in the middle of everything. Literally.

Found some mini bananas! :)

DJ and I are twins

Bruises from playing volleyball… -__-

Oliver isn’t nearly as cute when he’s had a bath ;)


I think I need to delete some pictures

Re-edited an old picture!

SHOCKER. I love washing dishes.

Chocolate lasagna… <3

MADE CINNAMON ROLLS FOR THE FIRST TIME. I’m officially an adult now.

Perks of being homeschooled: doing school in your pajamas

My hair was crazy when I woke up {I slept with it in a messy bun}, but just by brushing out the one side of my hair a tiiiiiiiny bit made it perfectly straight again. Seriously, I can’t get curly hair for anything.


Ok, yes, that’s a huge bowl of cereal. Regret.

Snow puppy!

Some of my favorite tweets, because I’m a hilarious tweeter. Just saying.

Valentines Day Fail

Follow me on Instagram @emilysacra!!

MargaretAnn - These are all great (as usual). And why do I not follow you on Twitter?!?! Definitely getting to that right now.

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The day we all got frostbite

Today, I had the grand idea to take some pictures in the snow of Kate and Jenny. I hadn’t taken pictures of them in a really long time, and I’m really glad we did today!! They turned out marvelous even though we were only outside for about half an hour, but we were absolutely FROZEN!! And the snow was coming down so fast and it was completely soaking us! Thank goodness for weather-proof cameras ;)

And p.s., don’t I have the most gorgeous sisters ever?? Honestly, I don’t even know what to do with all their beautifulness

That picture on the left is my favorite!!

Love this one!!

Yay!!! Love this one too!

Doing their Indian dances to get warm

The reality of taking pictures outside in the snow


Do you have a favorite? I love them all!!

Davene Grace - Beautifulness. Yep, you nailed it. :)

I really think you should take some night time shots of them in the snow. What is it now, 0 degrees? Or have we made it into the negative temps already? ;-)

Josie - Okay, these are seriously amazing! Your sisters are soo pretty, and yay for photo shoots in the snow (gorgeous) though like you I think I’m ready for Spring. Honestly, I can’t choose a favorite picture because I like them all. The end.

In Christ,

Noelle - These are so pretty! I LOVE the snow on their hair and everything. So gorgeous.

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Oh what a glorious day

The weather today is amazing!! The sun shone bright, it was 60*, and there was a breeze blowing to make it feel like the perfect spring day! It’s possible that next week we’ll get 30-40 inches of snow, but I don’t even want to think about it when we have days like today!! I only wish they’d stick around longer.

Dress: Old Navy // Shoes: Target  // Scarf: Sketchy store in the mall

Look at my mother go, shooting through branches and stuff ;) She’ll be my second-shooter in no time! :)

He refused to look at the camera… Haha!

I think this post was taking Selfie Sunday to the extreme! ;P

Emily Ruth - I love your outfit! I’m still so impressed by all the weight you’ve lost, as weird as that may sound. You look good, girl.

Davene Grace - I was thinking what Emily Ruth said about your weight. It takes so much self-discipline, not only to lose weight, but to keep it off. I’m so impressed!

And you’re right: today was glorious. But who in the world is saying 30-40 inches?? (My boys would be thrilled if it happened!) :)

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Excuse me while I eat all of these

There’s not much else to say about these mouth-watering cookies, except they are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I could eat the entire lot of them. I found this recipe three days ago, and rushed to make them!! I will most definitely be making them again, because I mean hello. They’re Recee’s stuffed peanut butter cookies.

Joelle made this Oreo pie last night too… Doesn’t it look great??

And things aren’t always the way they seem… I didn’t have enough Recee’s to fill up my jar, so I stuck a 7-UP bottle in there and then arranged the cups in front of it! Aren’t I sneaky? ;)

Again, here’s that delicious recipe!! Be sure to try these :)

Hannah - agh, 2 of my obsessions. Cookies and Recee’s cups. You my dear blogger friend make me regret becoming gluten free.

Also, I laughed hysterically over your Recee’s cup / 7 up photos. You should totally make a themed photography/baking photography life-hack collage thingy and post it on Pinterest!

Loved rediscovering your blog! Glad to see your doing well.


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