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VA is too bipolar for me

It has always seemed that Virginia has some pretty great weather… In the spring, it’s heavenly! It’s the perfect mix between cool and warm, and there’s always hope in the spring. Summer time is really hot, and fall is INSANELY gorgeous!! We have the prettiest colors and the air is cool. And in the winter, it’s super cold. We experience ALL the seasons! I’m really grateful for that, because I know some states only have one extreme, but we seem to have all the extremes! However, this winter, it’s been SO COLD {like, negative 20}, and then it’s SO WARM! Like right now, it feels just like spring! It’s 50 degrees, and it feels amazing :) But on Tuesday, we’re supposed to get between 4-6 inches of snow. I mean. Really?? I’m so done with winter!!

Just so everyone knows, I would love to move to Seattle. I’m not exactly sure why, but Seattle sounds amazing to me. Do I have any blog friends who live in Seattle that I could meet? :)

Yesterday, Oliver and I went for a walk. It was so nice to be able to walk outside without a jacket, and feel the cool breeze of spring! Too bad it will be in the negatives again in a few days :(

Isn’t he just the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? :)

I still can’t get over the adorable-ness of his bow tie.

Sereina - As long as you don’t mind rain, the Seattle area is a beautiful place! Lots of greenery, trees, and plants everywhere. I’ve lived in the area the my whole life, so whenever I visit somewhere that has a “regular” summer, I melt. lol! 75°F is about as much as I can handle. ;)

You get the cutest pictures of Oliver!

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Instagram Lovelies .17

I mean really, I Instagram a lot. A lot a lot. I have even more to share this month than usual… So hold on to your hats, Instagram Lovelies is coming your way.

Taking pictures in the FREEZING cold!! Always worth it :)

It was colder outside than in the freezer section at Costco!!

Taking a trip to Charlottesville with Kate and Joelle!

Every time Kate and I said “hey, look at this shirt!”, we both came out wearing the same {or almost the same} shirt! Haha! #twins

Ahhhhh, beautiful shop :)

Bodo’s Bagels is the BEST bagel shop ever!!

Loved my new dress and belt!!

And this watch… Ahhh, love!

Eating Chinese takeout with DJ in the movie theater parking lot waiting for Saving Mr. Banks :)

Just chilling on the floor at Walmart. Ew.

I drew the perfect ampersand ;)

DJ bought me this elephant necklace!! Love her! :D

I think Joelle has a thing for Chick Fil A cows…

“Where did you come from, where did you go, where did you come from Cotton Eye Joe??” Hahahaha

House hunting with mom!

If someone bought me this for Valentine’s Day, I’d marry you.

Good morning sweet puppy!

Late night Burger King with DJ… Yuck yuck yuck

Watching Frozen illegally on YouTube with Joelle :)

1111 posts!

I made Parmesan Broiled Tilapia for dinner!

Found 11 light switches in a house mom and I looked at…

Picking these is so tough, because what if he doesn’t like a certain flavor?? :)

What a little trend setter

Ahhh, my love

Shopping with Joelle!

He loves to rest his head on the piano while I play…

DJ and I were driving down the highway when my tire burst. THAT was terrifying.

Our Chick Fil A’s 8th birthday

He found a stick during his walk and carried it back to mom :)

Testing out le red lipstick :)

No. Stop it.

Frozen jokes ;)

Oh, darn it.

This is dads favorite hand wash scent, so he bought ten bottles of it. TEN.

I told Joelle she could have some popcorn, but she misunderstood me and made her own… -__-

Jaun Pablo is one attractive bachelor! ;)

Party City!! It’s so colorful and everything’s color-coordinated

Bahahaha! Late night conversations with Jenny about The Emperor’s New Groove :) Best movie ever!

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Emily Ann - “I’ll turn him into a flea, a harmless little flea. Then I’ll put him in a box and put that box in another box and mail that box to myself and when it arrives…I’LL SMASH IT WITH A HAMMER! Or, to save on postage, I’ll just poison him with this.”

…sorry, I couldn’t help myself. Emperor’s New Groove is the bomb.com =)

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Out in the Arctic

It snowed a loooooot today! It’s super pretty, but I’m honestly just so ready for spring. I hope it comes soon!! I’ve been dying to take portraits while snow is falling for a while now, and today seemed like the perfect day!! Joelle is sick with a cold, so she was out ;) But since Kathryn and I live so close, we managed to get together for about half an hour, but then I had to leave before the roads got too bad! We got some GORGEOUS portraits! I love taking pictures while it’s snowing :) But it was SO COLD. Like, it was insane. It wouldn’t have been so bad if the wind hadn’t been blowing, but it certainly was, and there was constantly snow blowing in our faces!! But I think it was worth it ;)

SO gorgeous!!

Kathryn’s yellow coat was absolutely perfect against the white snow!

I made some snickerdoodles this afternoon… the perfect snowy day treat!

MargaretAnn - I love the contrast of her coat on the snow! Looks amazing. And those cookies are making me hungry.

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You’re just the lunatic I’ve been looking for

Quiet, calm, and serious are definitely not words that are used to describe DJ and I when we’re together. We’re kind of nutso. But I wouldn’t have it any other way :) Yesterday we walked around Downtown Harrisonburg in the 20 degree weather and took lots of pictures. But you’d never know it was so cold just looking at these pictures {except for my rudolph-like nose…}!

The backlight is so gorgeous in these!!

I love her rings!

And her boots :)

There are SO many unexplored places downtown!! I’m so excited to go back when it’s not quite so cold :)

Love this one!

And oh how I love this teal wall :)

DJ took these, and I love them!

MargaretAnn - DJ is so beautiful! And of course the photography skills aren’t too shabby either… ;)

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